Do you do most of your own home repairs? Are you pretty handy when it comes to light carpentry and plumbing? If so, check out our Standard Tub Surround Kits for an affordable and practical solution to your bathroom woes. Ideal for rental property, guest or kid’s baths, our kits provide a quick and economical update or replacement for hard-to-clean, leaking tile.

We Provide

  • Three cultured marble tub surround walls in our most popular color-Classic White (white background with very subtle off-white veining).
    32″ + 60″ + 32″ by 60″ high
  • Mildew-resistant silicone caulk
  • Henry’s Construction Adhesive
  • Installation instructions

Available when you need it.
Our Standard Tub Surround Kits are generally in-stock, ready for pick-up.

Getting Started:

You do the tear-out and install fresh greenboard as your backing material. Before you start your tear-out, be sure to call to reserve your kit. All sales are final and COD. Delivery when available at an extra charge.

Additional Tips:


Custom Manufacturing:

Need your tub walls extra tall or want to accommodate a wider tub? Match your decor? No problem! We’ll custom manufacture your Tub Surround Kit to the specifications you provide. Just drop by the showroom with your measurements and we’ll place your custom order. Choose your color from a variety of cultured marble samples. Or, if you prefer the look of granite or TruStone, we have dozens of color samples on display. We’ll even give you samples to take for matching your flooring, paint, etc. Generally, allow 1 -2 weeks for your custom kit.

All material is guaranteed to be as specified. Designers Marble is not responsible for mis-cuts due to faulty measurements provided by customer or for on-site breakage. We cannot warranty your installation. Accessories such as soap dishes and soap/shampoo holders are available at additional charge. Finished product color may vary slightly from samples provided due to filler/pigment dye lot and/or resin. All agreements contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control.